Internet Ads Account for £4bn in Ad Spending

Online advertising is everywhere. Whether we're being served ads on YouTube videos, our favourite websites, or even Facebook, it's clear that online advertising is quickly becoming an industry all on its own. Now, thanks to a huge growth spurt, online ads account for a quarter of all ad spending in the United Kingdom.

According to a study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), online advertising in 2010 grew three times faster than in 2009. This resulted in a 12.8 percent jump to spending amounting to £4 billion.

Though search advertising remains the biggest money maker, ads on Social networking sites and video advertising are said to be the driving force behind the growth. Ads on social networking sites like Facebook increased 200 percent in the last year while online video increased two-fold in 2010 to hit £54m.

Read the full story on the BBC.

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