Intel Reveals Hardware Specs List for Windows 8 Tablets

CNET reports that Intel sported a list of specs for a Windows 8 tablet during IDF 2012 Beijing. It included a dual-core Atom Z2760 "Clover Trail" SoC capable of "burst mode" which provides quick bursts of performance when needed. The SoC will also feature HyperThreading which will allow the dual-core SoC to handle four threads.

Based on the spec list, Intel is seemingly trying to set a standard hardware set definition much like it did with the Ultrabook form factor. Except here Intel is pushing for two tablet sizes: one measuring 10-inches, and another containing a 11-inch screen and a physical keyboard.

On a basic level, the tablets will feature 9+ hours of battery life, 3G/4G connectivity, connected standby mode, a thickness of less than 9-mm and a weight of less than 1.5 pounds. A full battery charge should also last around 30 days if the tablet remains in standby mode.

On the entertainment and gaming front, the tablets will support Intel Wireless Display, Advanced Imaging, Intel Insider, Compute Continuum, Wi Fi Direct and NFC technology. On the business front, it will have backward app compatibility, domain join, encryption and security and manageability features.

Tablets based on Intel's spec list are expected to ship with the sparkly new Windows 8 once the OS goes retail later this year. The trick for manufacturers will be how to stand out against the competition using the same list of specs. Yet if they can do it with Ultrabooks, they can do it with tablets. As CNET states, "Intel is pretty adept at getting its satellite of customers and partners to make things happen."

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