Leading Intel Executive Suffers Stroke

Intel yesterday said that Sean Maloney, one of the top execs underneath the company's CEO, suffered a stroke. Mr Maloney is said to have an "excellent" chance of recovery and is expected to resume his duties within the company after a recuperation period of several months.

"I visited with Sean and his sense of humor and determination to return to work fill the room," said CEO Paul Otellini in a statement. "We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to his return."

The Guardian reports that London-born Maloney began work at Intel in 1982. The 53-year-old was handpicked to be an assistant to former Intel boss Andy Grove and is tipped to be Otellini's successor.

Dadi Perlmutter will temporarily fill Maloney's position as executive vice president and general manager at the Intel Architecture Group.

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