Intel's Plans for New SSDs in 2012 Detailed

Through first quarter of 2012, Intel will be releasing new SSDs: Intel SSD 520 "Cherryville" Series (replacement for the Intel SSD 510 Series), Intel SSD 710 "Lyndonville" Series (Enterprise HET-MLC SSD replacement for X25-E series), and Intel SSD 720 "Ramsdale" Series (PCIe based SSD). In addition, you will be seeing two additional mSATA SSDs codenamed "Hawley Creek" by the end of the fourth quarter 2011.

Starting with the second quarter 2012, Intel looks to be launching "Ramsdale MLC" PCI-Express SSD, a variant of Ramsdale that uses HET-MLC NAND flash memory, instead of SLC. The capacities will double from 200/400 GB versions to 400/800 GB versions. HET-MLC gives the write endurance comparable to a SLC SSD, while getting the capacity advantage that MLC offers to users (Spoiler: Look for more details on HET-MLC on an upcoming review of the Intel SSD 710 Series - coming soon!). In addition, Intel plans to launch codename "King Crest", a successor of SSD 520 "Cherryville" series. The drive is set to utilize a SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface and 25 nm HET-MLC NAND flash instead of regular 25 nm NAND flash found on SSD 520 series.

Third quarter 2012, we see Intel set to launch codenamed "Taylorsville", which looks set to be successor of the SSD 710 series. "Taylorsville" will be available in capacities of 800 GB, 400 GB, and 200 GB. It will follow suit with the SSD 710 series and will use HET-MLC NAND flash memory, along with SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface. To finish off Q3 '12, Intel is set to launch codenamed "Lincoln Crest", which looks set to be successor of the SSD 320 series. Though capacity availability is unknown at this time, the "Lincoln Crest" looks to make the final transition for all Intel SSD drives to MLC-HET NAND flash memory and SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface.

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  • wunderkinder
    Will the price drop?
  • yzfr1guy
    Will they fail
  • JohnnyLucky
    There seems to be some speculation about the controller in the new Intel 520 ssd which will be released on November 4th. No official word yet whether the ssd will be equipped with an Intel, Marvel, or some other controller.

    I noticed in a few other forums that members were wishing for a SandForce based controller. It's probably just wishfull thinking with no basis in fact.

    Too bad my crystal ball is cracked and does not work.