Intel to Ship Value-Based X25-X SSD in Q4

An Intel partner recently informed us that Intel has an upcoming value SSD called the X25-X, which will be based on 34nm Flash memory, thus providing consumers a lower pricetag and competitive performance.

The SSD will fall short in both price and speed in comparison to Intel's X25-M series, which offers 250 MB/sec. read speeds, and 70 MB/sec. write speeds. Intel's other SSD, the X25-E, provides 250 MB/sec. read speeds and 170 MB/sec. write speeds, and costs a rather pretty penny.

According to specs revealed to us, the value SSD will provide reading speeds of up to 170 MB/sec. and write speeds of up to 40 MB/sec. The drive is poised to be priced under $160.

The X25-X should ship sometime before the end of the year, and will arrive as a 2.5-inch MLC drive with an earnest 40 GB capacity.

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  • eskimo_1
    2 of these beasts raid 0? Yeah boy!
  • aron311
    Perfect for a midrange laptop drive me thinks
  • Scott2009
    40GB isn't enough, make them 160GB to 320 GB, and $320 to $640, then Joe Average will want one.

    Honestly 70 MB/sec reads, and 35 MB/sec writes is fast enough (per MLC SSD), so long as it's got a good I/O controller / cache / buffer combo, etc

    It's the sub quarter of a millisecond seek times and raw I/O throughput people are after, esp for VM's 'On the Go' in a Laptop or Notebook solution.