Update: Core 2 Extreme QX9770 at 3.2 GHz

Cocnlusion: Core 2 QX9770 with 3.2 GHz - Top Performer, but not Before 2008

The launch of the Core 2 Extreme QX9770 processor, which currently exists only on paper, symbolizes Intel’s fear of AMD’s Phenom processor.

With this launch, Intel is presenting another 45 nm processor in the over -€1000 (£715) price range that also requires a new high-end platform based on the equally as-yet-unavailable X48 chipset. Intel’s intentions here are crystal clear, namely to disrupt AMD’s launch, try to win a battle in the technology war, and to turn a profit. Also, this is the first time in the company’s history that it has announced two new €1000+ (£715+) processors based on the same technology within the space of three weeks.

Barely two months after the introduction of the X38 chipset, Intel is announcing a new CPU that will no longer run on this supposedly high end platform - and some motherboard companies haven’t even had the chance to introduce a product based on this chipset! What does Intel expect its customers to do now, when they are only adding to their confusion and insecurities in this manner?

Since the currently available Core 2 processors all run flawlessly with the P35 chipset, which is actually on sale as a real product in the market, we can’t recommend buying an X38-based motherboard. As soon as the QX9770 goes on sale, you’ll be able to find an appropriate X48 board for the same price X38 boards sell for now. It’s definitely not worth purchasing an expensive X38 board now that may not be compatible with newer processors later due to upgraded specifications , e.g. FSB 1600.

Intel is offering an excellent CPU with the 45 nm Penryn processor - however, both the way these processors are being introduced and the sudden, seemingly haphazard change to their specifications are anything but consumer friendly. For now, the 45 nm technology remains unaffordable for buyers on a normal (read sane persons) budget.

Let’s hope that the mid-range and budget 45 nm processors expected for 2008 are not all locked on FSB1600 - otherwise, users looking to upgrade will be forced to exchange their entire platform (X48 motherboard plus DDR3 memory), just to use a new processor.

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  • spuddyt
    hang on? pg 4, the table is in german (not that it matters, since the nm doesn't really change between language...
  • spuddyt
    and on pg 7, that comment about it being for the enthusiast segment..... i'm not so sure...... since if its basically just a higher FSB version, most enthusiasts will just take it way higher anyway
  • mi1ez
    I think it's hilarious how concerned intel were at the last article- it didn't put that bad a light on it as I remember...
  • topman
    lol intel got that CPU to you qwick and i am glad i did not by a x38m i would of bin pist D:
  • wild9
    More upgrade confusion..great if you have wads of cash. Not so great for Intel as most people don't.
  • MJ_Frosty
    Best and most greatest selfish example of industry driven dribble I have ever seen. Pointless and further more petty baby steps towards getting the high stand. Nice.
  • raotor
    Can't really see the point of this CPU.

    Apart from neding a new chipset, what's the deal with a mere 5% performance increase for an additional 40% more power consumption.

    Given the impressive energy efficiency of the QX9650, I don't understand how so much extra power is drawn for the tiny boost in performance - what's going on?
  • Capitannimo
    I think its important that you incorporate into your review on the qx9770 the following info I got from Intel support:

    Thank you for contacting Intel(R) Customer Support.

    The only cooling solution we recommend for this processor is the liquid based cooling. We can not guarantee performance nor reliability if an air cooling solution is used.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you need further assistance.


    Intel(R) Customer Support