Nvidia Says Intel Pricing is Anticompetitive

AMD made sure to comment on the news right off the bat and even posted the news on its website, but there hadn’t been a word from the Nvidia camp. In an interview with Reuters, Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia this week accused Intel of unfair pricing.

Huang told Reuters that the reason why netbook makers don’t use Nvidia graphics is because Intel’s atom by itself is more expensive than purchasing a three-chip set (Atom with motherboard and IGP). According to Reuters, Huang says Intel prices its Atom processor $45, but sells a three-chip set for $25 to lure business away.

Intel, of course, is pooh-poohing the whole idea, claiming it competes fairly.

"We compete fairly. We do not force bundles on any computer makers and customers can purchase Atom individually or as part of the bundle," Bill Calder, a spokesman for Intel told Reuters. "If you want to purchase the chip set, obviously there is better pricing."

Since Intel got smacked with a fine from the EU to the tune of $1.45bn experts say the company can expect to see a ton of civil suits from competitors. Will Nvidia be one of them? Not for now, says Huang.

"I hope it doesn't come down to that," he said, but did not rule out the possibilty completely. "We have to do whatever we have to do when the time comes. We really hope this company (Intel) will compete on a fair basis."

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  • dman3k
    I wonder if the nVidia fanboys will now cry that nVidia is childish.
  • fulle
    If a 3 piece set with an Atom processor, IGP, and motherboard only costs 25 dollars... why do piece of shit netbooks cost so much money?
  • bill gates is your daddy
    What is that over there? Is that a bandwagon? Well I think it is. Hey! I have a great idea. Let's all go jump on it!