[IDF] Intel Shows off Hotrod PC with 8 CPUs and 4 Graphics Cards

Pushing the envelope: eight CPUs and four graphics cards in a single PC.This system is the dream of every hardcore performance enthusiast : eight Penryn-based Xeon processors, each running at 4 GHz. Add to that 4 graphics units (GPU-SLI setup) and you’ve got Intel’s monster PC. The components reside in a case with a prominent skull design – which fits the enthusiast theme but is certainly not to everyone’s taste. It bears mentioning again that Intel used to frown upon these kinds of activities. Asked by THG why the company was suddenly officially demonstrating a number of heavily tuned systems at the IDF (especially in the extreme gaming niche), an Intel representative answered that this was Intel’s new strategy. This would also lay to rest the rumor that questioned the availability of quad-SLI on Intel motherboards.

System information as seen in CPU-Z

The two quad-core Xeon processors are based on the Penryn core (12 MB L2 cache, Harpertown, 45nm process), run at a stock clock speed of 3.4 GHz, and were overclocked to 4 GHz using a VapoChill compression-cooling system. Intel’s new Skulltrail motherboard with quad-SLI support and dual socket 771 formed the basis for this system – which would also explain the skull-heavy design of the case. The FSB of this configuration runs at 1600 MHz (quad-pumped 400 MHz). Intel’s monster PC features 4 GB of RAM (2 x Micron 2GB DDR2-800 FBDIMMs). Not surprisingly, the Skulltrail system offered extraordinary gaming and video encoding performance.

VapoChill Cooling Info: Processors at -42°CLe Skulltrail à l'IDF

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  • Vinny73
    20 giga watt PSU?
  • WarraWarra
    My spoiled brat nephew is playing on his old piece of junk = 2x socket 771 intel xeon 5355 with sli Leadtek PX8800 Ultra's + ASUS DSGC-DW = whoopti , most clowns own a desktop like this.
    1 pci-e 8x other 16x as no one bothered to build a working dual 16x pci-e motherboard for socket 771 by the time he bought his several months ago.

    To think a child uses this and Intel shows this off at IDF ? Come one get real Intel.

    Intel 2x 7950gx2's in SLI in not anything to brag about. Shame.