Intel Drops the Prices of Several CPUs

Intel has dropped the price of three of its processors. An updated list of Intel's CPU pricing shows a cheaper Pentium E6500, as well as a price cut for the Pentium E5400 and the Celeron E3300.

The 2.93 GHz Pentium E6500 has dropped 12 percent, from $84 to $74, while the 2.7 GHz E5400 has dropped 14 percent from $74 to $64. The 2.5 GHz has dropped 19 percent, to $43 from $53.  

All other prices remain the same.

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  • N.Broekhuijsen
    This is Useless.

    who cares about the prices of THESE processors.
  • cj_online
    What about the useful ones... ie E8400 ...
  • LePhuronn
    xbeaterThis is Useless.who cares about the prices of THESE processors.

    Yeah, that's why Intel are dropping their prices. Why would they drop the prices of anything that's actually selling?!? They have $1.2b to recover, remember?