IBM Doubles Incentive to $8,000 for Ditching Sun

According to a report on InformationWeek, Big Blue is taking advantage of the uncertainty surrounding the Sun-Oracle merger and upped the offering for those willing to switch from Sun to IBM.

IBM’s rewards program was launched last April and applied to Sparc-based Sun hardware, such as the Sparc, UltraSparc, and Sparc 64 servers, as well as Fujitsu systems that run on Sparc chips. Previously the company offered $4,000 in software and services for every Sun Spar processor replaced with an IBM Power server. The company will now offer $8,000 in software or services for every Sun Sparc processor replaced with an IBM Power server. IBM has helped 1,640 customers migrate from other manufacturers' hardware in the last year, thanks to the rewards program.

The aggressive offering comes after IBM made significant movement towards acquiring Sun Microsystems. The company missed out when Oracle swooped in and bought the struggling company in late April. Expected to be stitched up this summer, Oracle will fork out $7.4 billion for the company.

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  • LePhuronn
    Sun + Transformers = AllSparc?

    Sorry, it's been a long day...
  • skalagon
    Sounds like breaking competition, this should be illegal.
  • LePhuronn

    I doubt it's officially illegal but it's grey area so dark it's almost black. Don't forget that advertising regulations in the US are very different to the UK - over there when advertising a product you can directly call out a specific competitor product and rag the shit out of it.

    "Don't eat at Subway" says Quizznos "because they're talking rubbish about their fat content". "Don't eat at Quizznos" says Subway "because they're made with unethical meats and never care about nut allergens".

    "Don't vote for Obama" say McCain "because he'll drive the country into the ground and his cronies are responsible for this mess". "Don't vote for McCain" says Obama "because he's an old git and just as bad as the rest of the Rebulicans who've made it all worse".

    "Don't buy a Mac" says Microsoft "because they're overpriced and for superficial people". "Don't buy a PC" says Apple "because they're not cool and funky and you'll be a fat boring guy with glasses if you do".

    "Don't buy Sun products" says IBM "because they obviously can't handle today's market given they've been bought out. And we'll give you 8 grand to do so".

    That's just the way it's done in the US. Unethical? Yes, Illegal? probably not...