IFA 2007: Humax Combo-9000 - A hybrid Set-Top-Box for DVB-S and DVB-T

The Humax Hybrid Combo-9000 set top box supports both DVB-S and DVB-T

If you’ve come to IFA 2007 hoping to finally find a set-top-box that supports all three of the digital broadcasting standards DVB-T/S/C, you’ll be still be disappointed. However, there are at least a few models that give you two out of three. One such device is the Humax Combo-9000 for DVB-T (terrestrial antenae) and DVB-S (satellite).

This digital receiver is very Pay-TV friendly, as it features both a CI-Slot and one for a smart card. This allows the end user to insert the CAM module(s) needed for the various encryption methods used by Pay-TV companies. According to Humax, the unit can be upgraded to handle Nagravision, Conax and Irdeto in this manner.

Additionally, the Combo-9000 also supports the MHP 1.0.3 Interactive Broadcasting Protocol, which can also be upgraded to newer versions as required. The unit lets you save up to 5000 channels and also supports the electronic program guide EPG. Lastly, the Humax device is also compatible with DiSEqC 1.0/1.2 and accepts Dolby Digital Sound signals.

The firmware can either be updated automatically or manually, allowing users to always keep the Combo-9000 up to date.

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