Man Admits to Copying DVDs, Nothing Happens

TorrentFreak reports that Henrik Anderson was trying to have his government address contradictory laws which state it is legal to copy DVDs for personal use but illegal to remove the DRM to do so.

12.–(1) Anyone is entitled to make or have made, for private purposes, single copies of works which have been made public if this is not done for commercial purposes. Such copies must not be used for any other purpose.

§ 75 c. It is not permitted without the consent of the rightholder to make circumvention of effective technological measures

According to TF, Henrik informed the Danish anti-piracy outfit Antipiratgruppen that he had broken the DRM on more than one hundred legally-purchased DVD movies and TV shows. “I’ve started this because I don’t want to be a criminal,” Henrik told TF, adding that he had asked the outfit whether or not they intended to prosecute, but so far has received no response.

However, while Henrik has heard nothing back from Antipiratgruppen, a lawyer for the group spoke to Danish press. Thomas Schlüter said that it was a political matter but add that he had reported the issue to the Association of Danish Videodistributors for consideration. Chairman of the ADV, Poul Dylov, responded, saying they would have a meeting to decide whether to report the matter to the police.

Henrik was initially promised an answer by December 1 and is frustrated that nobody has managed to come to a decision. He now says his only option is to report himself to the police. “I decided to try to see if I can report myself directly to the police, for the case must be resolved.”

Read the full story here.

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  • Nick_C
    If he can get around the copy protection measures, are they "effective" as would be required for him to have broken the law?
  • Vampyrbyte
    Arnt you getting around the copy protection methods by watching the DVD? All your doing is decrypting it in either case...
  • Dandalf
    both good points :) i wonder what will happen...