Prices of Numerous Haswell LGA 1150 Motherboards Show Up

With Haswell's launch coming up, it is not surprising that more and more information about the Z87, H87, and B85 motherboards is coming to light. A Dutch website,, has a price tracker that has picked up pricing information on a number of these motherboards. Using this, they have compiled a list. The prices have been turned into dollars for reference, but take it all with a grain of salt, as it is only a direct conversion using the interbank rate. In the Netherlands, the citizens pay 21 percent VAT, and it is difficult to predict regional pricing. Often, the price in dollars correlates to the same amount in Euros; however, this is not always true.

ProductChipsetLowest Price €
Lowest Price $
Intel DH87MCIntel H87€112$147
Intel BLKDH87RLIntel H87€89$116
Intel BLKDH87MCIntel H87€98$128
Intel BLKDB85FLIntel B85€74$97
ASRock H87M-ITXIntel H87€100$131
ASRock H87 Pro4Intel H87€86$113
ASRock H87M Pro4Intel H87€86$113
ASRock H87MIntel H87€81$106
ASRock B85M-ITXIntel B85€81$106
ASRock B85 Pro4Intel B85€79$104
ASRock B85MIntel B85€73$96
ASRock Z87E-ITXIntel Z87€155$203
ASRock Z87M Extreme4Intel Z87€130$170
ASRock Z87 Extreme3Intel Z87€130$170
ASRock Z87M Pro4Intel Z87€111$145
ASRock Z87 Pro3Intel Z87€111$145
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  • gabbriel
    Can't speak for other countries but here in Greece with 23% vat the price in dollars correlates to the same amount in Euros, so i don't expect anything beyond 100 euros.