Intel's Post-Haswell Roadmap Surfaces from Chinese Source

According to Chinese VR-Zone, Guru3D, and an unfortunately blurry photo of an Intel Desktop Platform Roadmap slide, the “Broadwell” Haswell Refresh Platform will arrive in mid-2014. It will be followed by Haswell-E “Lituya Bay” in late 2014 with the new 14 nm Skylake platform scheduled for a Q2 2015 release.

The site further added that while Haswell-E will replace Ivy Bridge-E, support DDR4 memory and continue to use the LGA2011 socket, Skylake will likely use a new, undetermined socket type that requires users to replace their motherboards.

Finally, Broadwell is rumored to support the new SATA 3.2 Express chip that is currently codenamed Z97 and H97.

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