Harmonix already working on next big project

Los Angeles (CA) - Harmonix is already looking for its next big move in the market, while basking in the glow of Guitar Hero and upcoming title, Rock Band.

Harmonix has been the developer of virtually every big-name instrument-based music game including Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution. Its first game was more of a Dance Dance Revolution-style title called Frequency.

Though not officially announced by Harmonix, a posting at the 2008 Game Developers Convention website suggests the company is working on a new project that pushed the envelope a little further.

Harmonix senior designer will lead a conference called "Your music is the game : designing the OTHER project at Harmonix." The event will discuss a new way to present rhythm games, not just the standard button mashing to fit the musical beat. The site describes the discussion as "a case study of adapting a proven design to a new set of constraints."

Harmonix will be putting out Rock Band later this month. The title is unique because it combines multiple instrumental controllers in a single game, allowing for two guitarists, one drummer, and a vocal performer.

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