Microsoft reminds Halo 3 fans that cheating is wrong

Redmond (WA) - With Halo 3 online in full swing, Microsoft is reminding users that any sort of tampering with the legitimacy of the game will result in a no-refund account closure.

Larry Hryb, the community manager for Xbox Live, wrote a statement in his official blog warning users about a scam that’s taking place in the Halo 3 community.

"If you run into that person in Halo 3 who claims if they could have your LIVE ID name and password to recover your Xbox LIVE account to their Xbox and they’ll rank you up or find you all the hidden skulls in Halo 3, I urge you not to fall to temptation," wrote Hryb.

It has been a long-standing policy for Microsoft to ban Xbox Live accounts that have been linked to cheating in online games, which includes preventing them from ever playing online again, and could mean a rollback of the user’s gamerscore to 0.

Hryb wrote that, while these online scams "may be appealing, in addition to violating the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use, it can also result in you permanently losing your account... Canceled. As in you can never get it back."