Chinese HTC One to Include a microSD Card Slot

HTC has justifiably placed great emphasis on the HTC One’s “gapless construction.” It seemed that the price for the device’s stellar exterior reflected the loss of a removable battery and microSD slot. Though the former compromise can, to an extent, be alleviated through careful battery conservation or external USB chargers, there’s really no solution for a lack of expandable storage if you like carrying around a large media library and don’t have a large data plan.

It is now apparent that HTC may have overstated the necessity of a fully sealed device since the Chinese version of the device features a removable back door and gasp a microSD card slot.

Though this release still doesn’t grant access to the battery, and it is a few millimeters wider and thicker than the North American or International versions of the device, we’re confident that most users would be more than willing to make this trade-off for the option to expand their device's storage.

Check out our HTC One unboxing story here.

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  • hairystuff
    The only thing putting me off thr HTC One is lack of a microSD card slot, the internal memory is more than adequate for everything but I like to keep pictures and video on memory card just incase the device fails you still have the option to recover your user created media, and I know you can sync up your media with google drive and other cloud services but I like to be in control of my own media.