HDScape gives up HD DVD exclusivity, moves to Blu-ray

Fairfield (NJ) - Another sign that HD DVD is losing ground, the once exclusive HD DVD company The DVD Acquisition and Development Group has announced it’s moving to Blu-ray.

The low-profile DVD group is known for its series of HDScape movies on HD DVD. These are titles that act as high definition TV screensavers, showing scenes from the arctic, jungle, and fish tanks.

As a unique hi-def exclusive set of titles, it was a selling point for HD DVD. "Now is the ideal time to bring our library to the Blu-ray community, so that they can experience just how beautiful high definition artwork can be," said group president David Goodman.

The entire HDScape library will come out for Blu-ray on October 30. The HDScape Sampler Disc will be priced at around $7, with all other titles for around $30.

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