Fresh from Canada - ATI's Radeon HD 3450 and HD 3650

Crysis v1.1

HD3870X2 HD3850Xtreme HD3870 Radeon

Radeon 2400 and 3450 were tested in the "Low" setting (2. 1280x1024p Medium), Radeon 2600, 3650 and Geforce 8600 used the Medium setting (2. 1280x1024p High). All faster cards ran in the High setting (2. 1280x1024p Very High).

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  • wild9
    Ever since the 2x00 series, ATI’s graphics chips have supported HD video encoding

    Shouldn't that be decoding? :)
  • mactronix
    Its all well and good comparing like for like but we never seem to get any info that would be relevant to the people who may consider upgrading to these models ie people with 1950 pro's or 7950's .
  • Solitaire
    ^ Yeah. Not to mention people running DX9 and with no intention of being Vista-nated.
  • mactronix
    @ Solitaire
    "Vista-nated" I like that im gonna start using that :)
  • socarrasandres
    Newbie on computer hardware and was trying to get information on best combination of Processor/Videocard/Ram for FSX, will try to configure a new system and dont want to walk waht has been walked already. Trying to get the best FMS on aprox $1,500 - $2,000 budget.
    Any recommendations?
  • finder
    hard to believe that PCI port can provide 150W