Guiness World Record Gamer's Edition attempts to break record

Do you sit at home dressed as Mario or Princess Peach ? Too ashamed to admit to the world that you enjoy dressing up like your favourite video game character on a rainy day ? Well fear not, your day has come.

Here’s your chance to dress up like the Master Chief and mingle with people doing the same.

Intrigued ? So were we. Kind of.

Guinness World Record’s Gamer’s Edition will be attempting the ‘Largest gathering of Games characters’ on March 18, 10.30 for 11am at the Millennium Bridge (Tate Modern side), London and are looking for all cos players and gamers to come down and make Guinness World Record history.

All characters will appear in the Guinness World Record Gamers Edition 2009 plus on the website. More importantly you’ll receive a free gift for your efforts. Although it’s probably just a baseball cap or USB stick, free stuff has a certain charm about it.

The record attempt celebrates the inaugral Guinness World Record Gamer’s Edition that is on sale now featuring with new records, high score statistics and all sorts of fun facts.

See you on the 18th. Ok, so we won’t be there because it’s the day after Paddy’s Day. But in spirit, we’re with you 100% of the way.

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