VIDEO: Google Announces Google TV

At Google I/O this morning, Google announced Google TV, an open source TV project based on a collaboration with Sony, Intel and Logitech. Sony will supply televisions based on Intel Atom CPUs and Logitech is designing remotes and wireless keyboards that will work with the smart TVs. The televisions will run a version of Google's Android OS.

Google is trying to bring the Internet to your living room. It's something that has been done before with widgets and the like but Google wants to do things a little bit differently. With Chrome built in, users will be able to switch from TV or Web and back again really easily. You'll also have the ability to search for shows to find out when they're on and where you can watch them. Google will search your DVR, the channels you have, YouTube and other Websites to find what you're looking for.

Though it sounds like you'll have to buy a new telly to try it out, that's not the case. Google says it's working with Sony and Logitech on a range of device, from TVs to Blu-ray players, to special companion boxes. These will go on sale in the fall from Best Buy stores nationwide. No word on pricing just yet.

Soon after the launch, Google is going to release an SDK so developers can start building applications and distributing them through the Android Market.

Check the video below for a quick preview of what Google TV has to offer.

Who's interested?

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  • dameon51
    I can see this being big if executed properly. Yes you can already watch most anything you want online right now, but resources are mostly scattered. It would be nice if you could just type in what you want to watch and bam, you get it.
  • fusion_gtx
    I agree that it could definitely be convenient. However, knowing Google, there will probably be something more in the fine print of whatever Terms of Service contract they make you agree to before you'll be able to use their service. Definitely worth keeping an eye on though.
  • Jerky_san
    Yahoo says google isn't anything but a search engine but amazingly they are one of the most innovative companies going right now..