Google Hacker is 30-year-old Security Consultant

The Financial Times says investigators are closing in on the person responsible for the highly controversial "Google hacking" that affected top search engine, Google, as well as many other companies.

Last week news reports said the hackings had been traced schools to two schools in China, one of which has close ties to the Chinese military. Now, the Financial Times says a freelance security consultant wrote the part of the program. Citing a researcher working for the US government, FT reports that this consultant (believed to be in his 30's) posted pieces of the program to a hacking forum, describing it as something he was "working on" and that Chinese officials had special access to the work.

According to the US team who uncovered his role, the man who wrote the code, which takes advantage of a previously unknown flaw in IE, is not a full-time government worker, did not launch the attack, and "would prefer not be used in such offensive efforts"

Read more on the Financial Times.

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  • dextermat
    Lol and china said they didn't hack...

    Is the guy going to be executed over this ??
  • mi1ez
    the hackings had been traced schools to two schools in China

  • silver565
    Lol China is always full of rubbish like that.