16 TB Cloud Drive from Google Costs $4.1K/Year

Did you know that Google actually sells online storage? Apparently, the company has sold virtual space in the cloud for over two years, allowing consumers to pay a yearly fee to store data. The idea does seem enticing, removing valuable pictures off the hard drive and into a space backed by Google's guarantee.

"People today have more personal data online than ever before," the company wrote in an announcement yesterday. "More and more people are starting to move the bulk of their data off the desktop and into servers "in the cloud," where it's accessible from any computer or mobile device and easily shareable with friends and family."

According to Google, the company is lowering the price of its cloud drives, allowing consumers to purchase 20 GB for $5 USD a year. Google is also providing larger capacities, ranging from 80 GB to a freakish 16 TB. That's right: 16 terabytes of virtual storage for a whopping mind-blowing $4,096 USD a year. That's no joke. Google's 8 TB cloud drive only costs a mere $2,048 per year. that's not chump change.

Currently Gmail (7 GB) and Picasa Web Album (1 GB) users already get free storage, however the purchased drives acts like an overflow; the free space essentially gives customers a few GB more storage for the same price. The cloud drives also seem locked to either Gmail or Picasa Web Album, keeping the content focused on images rather than whatever consumers want to upload.

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  • mi1ez
    But I can't see many businesses happy about backing up in the cloud.
  • shrex
    20 GB for $5 USD a year is a bit pricy, 5 dvds gives more than 20gb and costs less than a dollar.
  • Hiniberus
    shrex20 GB for $5 USD a year is a bit pricy, 5 dvds gives more than 20gb and costs less than a dollar.

    Though like most things that are somewhat new they are bound to be kind of pricy, while there is some logic behind backing things up on DVD's you wouldn't want your whole computer backed up on DVD's. While yes, there are external HDD's there's always the possibility that it may get damaged/stolen as well in the case of a disaster.

    Pro's about cloud drives:
    They are extremely secure, no doubt about it can you picture any typical hacker getting past Google's security system? No, while some could get onto your computer, the data is safe with Google.

    Ease of acess, long as you can find a place that allows you to connect to it, you can acess all the data there with ease.

    In the event that even if your whole office was to be burnt to the ground and everything gone. If the data is at google, it's going to be just the same once you get all the computers and stuff back.


    The only bad thing I can see about this is the price. That's all, while typical HDD's are one time payment these are Annual payments. If they do a "One time payment" thing then it's like you have your own HDD safe at google and I think people would flock to that.