T-Mobile's G1 Android Phone Now in White

The T-Mobile G1 arrives in white just in time for the holiday buying season.

When the world’s first Google Android phone launched in October, it came only in black and bronze – not the most thrilling of colors. While the classic shades are all-business, those familiar with gadgets (and even automobiles) know that white is the new black.

Perhaps for that reason, T-Mobile quietly shipped white-colored G1 handsets to retailers. The new color will share shelf space with both previous colors and will retail for the usual $179.99 when paired with a monthly plan.

While we do prefer the look of the white G1, plastic devices that come in the snowy shade have a slight risk of defects. The original Nintendo DS Lites were known for having shoddy hinges and even the odd Apple iPhone 3G in white suffers from hairline cracks.

No matter the color, however, the G1 is the best Internet-capable phone offered by T-Mobile.

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