Seagate External Network HDD Sends RSS Feeds

Seagate announced the newest addition to its GoFlex family of external hard drives: the GoFlex Home line. The new models are focused on the mainstream user, allowing for additional storage space to at-home networks. Users simply connect the drive to a wireless router via an Ethernet cable.

"Available in 1TB and 2TB capacities, the GoFlex Home storage system provides plenty of room to help safeguard precious digital memories for the whole family and is ideal for use with home laptops, netbooks, or other devices with limited storage," the company said. "Unlike other single-drive network solutions, its modular design also enables the included drive to be upgraded when needed by simply removing the drive from the base (no tools required)."

Seagate also said that users can add additional GoFlex Home drives by connecting them to the existing drive's USB port. Additionally, this same USB port can be used to wirelessly share a USB printer with every computer on the network. Too cool.

As for other features, the new GoFlex Home line offers a premium, remote access service option called Seagate Share Pro. This allows users to share files using an integrated RSS notification system so that friends and family know the latest "uploads" (warez anyone?). It also integrates photos and files with Facebook and Flickr, and enables mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad to access the stored files as well.

The 1GB and 2GB GoFlex Home drives can be purchased at select retailers or from Seagate online for $159.99 and $229.99 respectively.

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  • Dr_M0rph3us
    "The 1GB and 2GB GoFlex Home drives" - err.. typo, off by an order of magnitude.
  • Dr_M0rph3us
    While the remote access extra services of this device leave me cold, I'm interested if the chassis effectively dissipates the heat generated by the drive (had this problem before). Meanwhile, I'll keep the target for a 3U rack-based NAS with appropriate cooling.