Google Adds Location Tool to Gmail

Google today launched another feature to help you keep track of your friends, this time via your email signature.

Last week Google announced Latitude, an application that allows you to keep track of your friends' locations as well as share you own. While we were okay with the idea at first, we quickly decided that between assigning specific settings to each friend in order to control who sees what and constantly wondering whether you should switch off your share location setting all together, Latitude was too laborious and time consuming to bother with.

That said, we like the more basic idea of adding your location to your email signature, which is the new Gmail feature of the week. Same deal as with all Labs projects, enable it and avail of all it has to offer, disable it if you don’t like it. Location in Signature seems like a really basic and sort of more useful version of latitude in that it doesn’t allow the same kind of Facebook-stalking privileges that you get with Latitude. You only share your location with people you email, in other words, people you want to talk to.

You can also edit your default signature when you’re composing a mail and just delete the signature line meaning you can just knock off the last line right before you hit send as well as disable the Location line without disabling the feature all together (making it handy for if you’re on holidays or away on business).

Right now it only lets the recipient see which city you're mailing from by checking the IP address of the user, but the technology could soon enable a Google Maps link that could show your approximate location. Google points out that this feature is likely to be appreciated most by those who get emails from frequent travelers.

I’ve enabled it and restarted gmail as well as Firefox but Gmail has said it’ll take a while to kick in because I also use Gmail Offline. Anyone have this enabled minus Gmail Offline able to tell me what they think?