Gmail Introduces Multiple Inboxes, Kinda

Just a week after Google introduced the ability to work offline with Gmail, the team has announced that users are now able to view multiple inboxes at the same time.

Gmail Offline gave users a whole new kind of efficiency to work with. The ability to organize and reply to mail no matter where you are, regardless of whether or not you have a net connection was something a lot of Gmailers felt was missing from the service and the addition of multiple inboxes is only going to make things more efficient.

Basically Multiple Inboxes lets you look at up to 5 different versions of the same inbox. Lets say you’re a fan of labels, you’ve got labels for work, your wedding and anything related to PTA meetings or school trips. Only problem is, you have to change labels to see new mail. Multiple Inboxes shows you everything at once. Basically it’s like having a paper tray on your screen, rather than just having all the pages organized but stacked into one pile.

While we’re definitely going to be trying this we sort of wish it was actually multiple inboxes. With Gmail Mobile I’m always signed into both of my Gmail accounts and I regularly switch between the two. Having both inboxes on one screen would be handy.

One of the cooler things is that you can also use the panels for stuff like drafts and starred mail. The amount of times I start a mail and forget to send it is unreal so having it in my face all the time would be a great reminder to get things done.

Gmail users, check out Multiple Inboxes by clicking the Labs tab in settings and let us know how it works for you.

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