Google Experiences Another Gmail Outage

Gmail has always had a fair reputation as a mail service, however the last few months have seen a few outages for Gmail users, some of them lasting several days. Unfortunately, this week’s outage in service seems no different.

According to ComputerWorld, at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Google informed users via the Google Apps discussion forum of a problem preventing users from logging into their accounts. The company said that it expected a solution to the problem by 9 p.m. on Thursday.

While Google offered no reason as to why Gmail and Google Apps users were experiencing the problems, users reported that they were seeing a 502 error when trying to log in. Something that Gmail users are all too familiar with from August’s outages.

In that instance the company blogged about the problem once everything was under control and back up and running. However, while the post was very reassuring, it offered very little information on what caused the outages/502 errors in the first place.

“We’ve identified the source of this issue and fixed it. In addition, as with all issues that affect Gmail and our other services, we’re conducting a full review of what went wrong and moving quickly to update our internal systems and procedures accordingly. We don’t usually post about problems like this on our blog, but we wanted to make an exception in this case since so many people were impacted.”

Having moved quickly to update the internal systems and procedures, we’d assume two months down the line any updates would be complete and so, users should not be experiencing the same problems. Google said this morning that problem had been resolved, although that is what it said last time.

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