Glastonbury founders urges attendees to film the festival

It’s rare you see someone involved in the music industry supporting the recording of their gig on mobile phones and cameras.

More often than not, when you hear of someone saying anything close to, “We like when people record the show,” it’s a new and upcoming artist or band that is just trying to make a name for itself.

This is why ever we were a little surprised to hear that the Glastonbury festival is a camera friendly zone.

While we’ll admit confiscating cameras is harder to do at fesitvals than at one night shows but we figured it was still a bit frowned upon by the organisers. Apparently not.

Speaking to SkyNewsOnline, Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis encouraged attendees of this years festival to use mobile technology to share the festival with as many people as possible, claiming the more people that saw it, the better.

Not only was Mr Eavis encouraging it, but it looks as though the festival is fully supporting it. With Wi-Fi access across the entire farm where the festival is located and points for charging your phones it looks like the Glastonbury organisers are not only expecting people to film it but offer their friends real time updates on how the weekend is going.

Read the full story on SkyNewsOnline.

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