GAME Stops Selling First-gen Pre-owned Xboxes

High street retailer GAME has said that it will no longer be selling first generation pre-owned Xboxes. Eurogamer reports that GAME and Gamestation will no longer be selling pre-owned Xbox 360 Core, Arcade or 20GB non-HDMI models of Xboxes. The news comes via an internal Gamestation bulletin sent out last week and was confirmed by a GAME spokesperson. However, while GAME told Eurogamer that the move to stop selling the older consoles was because of a lack of interest in the out-of-date hardware, the Gamestation memo suggests another reason"

"As of Saturday 3rd September we will not be selling Pre-owned Xbox 360 Cores, Arcades and 20GB non HDMIs. This is due to the high failure rate of the console and the difficulty and cost of repairing them.

"We will continue to trade these consoles in but they will need to be sent back to the DC as a regular faulty return where they will exit the business."

The stores will still be accepting trade-ins of these machines, so if you want to get rid of yours and exchange it for trade-in cash or credit.

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  • cognoscentiable
    Ah well... I've had the original model for years now and haven't had a single problem with it but I understand this move, a lot of people have had troubles.