GamersGate announces new downloader scheduled for launch in January/February 2008.

Since it’s launch in 2006, digital distributer, GamersGate, has seen huge amounts of success. Now partnered with more than 35 internationally recognized publishers and developers (official sources say that GamersGate will soon be adding THQ, among others, to its long list of partnerships in the near future), the site boasts a catalogue of more than 230 games. This is strengthened by a continuing increase in visitors to the site ; GamersGate has seen a four fold increase in traffic since last year.

Gamersgate says the focus when designing the new downloader was to improve users’ gaming experience by increasing gamer influence over their own gaming experience on GamersGate.

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The new downloader comes in light of the site’s gift certificate program, which was announced at the beginning of this week.

The GamersGate Gift Card was launched earlier this week

GamersGate recently announced predictions of a 1000% increase in sales compared to this time last year and the Gift Certificate Program will no doubt play a huge role in making these predictions a reality.

Both of these announcements are part of a list of new features for GamersGate, which they hope to announce early in 2008.

Visit the GamersGate website at

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