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Bring On The Games! Continued

For fans of the entire Playstation family, the PS3 offers something not seen in any other console - backward compatible game upscaling. In other words, Playstation and PS2 games, when played on a PS3, will look better than if you play them on their respective consoles. Don’t get too excited, though. Normal built-in HDTV progressive scanning will take these games as far as they can go. You won’t have much luck in roughing out those blocky edges in Playstation titles, either. The point here is that you shouldn’t buy a PS3 if all you want to do is upconvert your legacy Playstation titles.

While the PS3 and Xbox 360 are the only full high-definition consoles available, it’s worth pointing out that Nintendo did sneak the slightest bit of enhanced picture quality into its system. The Wii offers upscaling abilities to bring the picture quality to 480p resolution. This means that the games will look like standard DVDs played through your high-definition disc player, instead of just stretching the limited pixel output through your large screen. It’s a must for Wii owners with an HDTV.

These official Nintendo Wii component cables will bring out what little HD or semi-HD power the Wii can produce. With the lower price tag on the Wii compared to other consoles, it’s a justifiable purchase.


Although it seems everyone talks about high definition in the exclusive area of movies, video games are going to prove themselves to be the defining HD medium. It’s also a much more exciting transition. We’ve been watching movies on huge screens with amazing resolution for decades. Games, on the other hand, are just now beginning to be created in that same kind of resolution. It’s a totally new experience, and as such, hardcore gamers should really go for the best offering available in HDTV.

A 1080p plasma HDTV at 50" or larger is so compelling you won’t believe it, especially when compared to other sets that are just a few rungs below on the HD ladder. It’s somewhat of an anticipatory move now to go all the way to 1080p, but making the jump now will pay off as more games are launched that can take advantage of the capability.

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  • badders
    And again....No Images!!!
  • spuddyt
    yeah.... um im still on 1024x768 CRT rescued from my dad's office...
  • Alsone
    Its Bullsh*t to say that LCD's no longer suffer from motion blur. Two of my best friends have uptodate LCDS (37") and during football the ball and players legs become blurry. TV response times are much higher than Monitors, typically 8ms or more.

    Also, no mention of dead pixels, a stuck green pixel on the screen on its own is not enough to constitute a fault (it generally needs betwenn 4 and 8 depending on the manufacturer) but for anyone with one can be extremely annoying to ht epoint of ruining the screen. At big money a stuck pixel can be a very expensive occurance if a new panel is needed due to its annoyance factor.

    Plasma's not perfect but its a much better solution.