Galaxy S4: AT&T Shipping Earlier, Verizon Signup Starts

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 release approaching fast, Verizon and AT&T have changed their business strategies accordingly. The former of the mobile carriers has made it no secret that the phone is to be released early May, and have set up a notification system for you. By giving your email address, you will receive all the details of the phone as they are released. The company will also announce preorders and exact delivery dates as soon as possible.

AT&T has taken a different strategy by claiming that its version of the phone will launch the 23rd of April. However, as that deadline has already passed, its website now states that the phones will be available April 30th. While preorders are not as yet available, they have certainly caused quite a stir and spike in network traffic by having such an early predicted launch date.  Are you waiting in line for a Galaxy S4, and if so, which carrier is your preference?

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