[CeBIT 2008] - Gigabyte Boards with P45 Chipset

Gigabyte is showing off two new boards based on Intel’s upcoming P45 chipset. Both the A-P45-DS3R and the GA-P45-DS4 are equipped with the new »Dynamic Energy Save« technology.

Gigabyte GA-P45-DS3R

The GA-P45-DS3R sports two X16 PCIe slots which are already PCI-Express 2.0 compliant, thanks to the Intel P45 chipset. This finally brings ATI’s CrossFire multi-GPU combinations to affordable Intel chipsets. Like most other Gigabyte boards, this one uses Realtek’s ALC889A HD codec as well. FSB1600 CPUs are supported, as is DDR2-1200 memory. Gigabyte only uses solid capacitors with an especially high life expectancy on this model.

Gigabyte GA-P45-DS4

The slightly more expensive GA-P45-DS4 features three x16 PCIe slots, two of which have to share bandwidth. A common heatpipe cools the northbridge, southbridge and voltage regulation modules. The board is also equipped with the DualBIOS feature, comes with the Easy Tune 5 Pro utility and uses the same Realtek audio chip as the GA-P45-DS3R.

Gigabyte at CeBIT 2008 : Hall 21/stand C07