ISP with Geo-location Work-around Ditches 'Global Mode'

Earlier this week, a new internet service provider from New Zealand made headlines when it revealed that it would offer customers a way around those annoying region-specific blocks that render some websites unavailable in certain countries. However, it seems FYX ('fix') has done an about face on its highly publicized 'global mode' and will no longer offer customers the ability to circumvent region-blocks.

"FYX has a made a decision to withdraw its popular ‘global mode’ service from the market for the time being," the company wrote on its website. "FYX sincerely apologises to our customers and the New Zealand internet community for putting a halt to ‘global mode,’ which will happen tonight at 11.59pm."

The ISP says that though legal opinions 'have supported FYX's global mode,' there are matters that require further consideration. The company said it is currently contacting customers regarding its decision to pull its 'Global Mode.'

FYX launched on Friday, May 4, and caused quite a stir in the blogosphere. The first ISP to ever offer such a service, FYX's 'Global Mode' would have allowed customers to access geo-blocked sites. The company never mentioned specific sites nor did it promise access to every blocked site. It also noted in its FAQ that customers should still abide by the terms and conditions of the services they wanted to access.

With 'Global Mode' gone, FYX still has one unique feature left, in that it operates using Pay As You Go billing. Customers pay $30.30 for their connection each month and are then charged $0.30 per GB that they use. This represents a drop in price compared to earlier this week, when 'Global Mode' was still available. At launch, FYX charged $34.34 per month and $0.34 per GB used.

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