ATI FirePro RG220 Shares GPU on Networks

Tuesday AMD said that its new ATI FirePro RG220 is an ideal solution for IT administrators looking to reduce local power consumption and cooling costs per workstation. This is accomplished by installing the graphics card in a datacenter, and allowing users to connect to the ATI GPU across the network thanks to the FirePro's built-in PCoIP (PC-over-IP) technology.

The card itself consumes a maximum of 35 watts thanks to a passive cooling design, and measures just half the length of a standard PCI card and uses only one slot. The enterprise-based graphics card also sports a meager 512 MB of on-board memory, support for DirectX 10.1, OpenGL 2.1, and Parallels Workstation Extreme.

“The ATI FirePro RG220 is an extremely compelling solution that combines AMD’s graphics innovation and Teradici’s PC-over-IP remoting protocol to deliver a rich, uncompromised user experience for today’s most demanding graphics applications,” said Dan Cordingley, president and CEO, Teradici Corporation. “This integrated GPU and PCoIP host card provides customers with a simple and efficient solution to help ensure data security and to provide a high performance remote experience.”

AMD also said that the ATI FirePro RG220 is part of a secure solution that stores user data behind the firewall and within the confines of the data center, "helping to ensure that customer or corporate information is protected." To see this card in action, check out AMD's YouTube video shown below.

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  • wifiwolf
    just an intermediate step to the announced cloud graphics. That is a neat feature in a design office.
  • aron311
    "The card itself consumes a maximum of 35 watts thanks to a passive cooling design."

    Yes, I'm sure the cards cooling solution is responsible for the power consumption of the graphics die, memory and associated circuitry.

    Working in marketing is a license to be a complete dick head it seems..
  • roots
    Nice idea, bet its been done before. Wonder what the latency is like?