Finnish school shooting announced on YouTube hours before it occurred

A Finnish student went on a killing rampage yesterday after announcing plans for the bloodbath on YouTube.

The 18 year old student by the name of Pekka-Eric Auvinen, posted a clip on video sharing site Youtube and then shot seven of his classmates, his headmaster and himself.

Just hours before he killed eight people, Auvinen posted a video on Youtube featuring a picture which resembled the school building. The image then dissolved to show an image of himself holding a gun aimed at the camera. A caption across the screen read Jokela High School Massacre 11/7/2007 and the song Stay Bullet by band KMFDM played in the background.

The gunman also posted other material on the Internet including a picture that showed a gunman shooting at an apple in a forest and a 1,000-word "manifesto of a natural selector" outlining the plans for yesterday’s killings. The manifesto was last edited late on Tuesday. All of this material, including the YouTube video, were removed from the Internet shortly after the killings took place.

This isn’t the first time that school killers have documented their plans and then used the media to reach a global audience. Virginia Tech murderer, Cho Seung-hui, reportedly stood in line at the post office to post detailed information of his plans to a major TV network in the United States. Later that day he killed 32 people on the Virginia tech Campus.

The Finnish student’s plans were revealed in a blog twelve hours before the massacre took place. He went into great detail, even stating the intended location, date and weapon. The student said his motivation for the shooting was ’political and much much deeper and therefore I don’t want this to be called only as "school shooting".’ Perhaps he shouldn’t have used the same song as Columbine-killer Eric Harris. Harris posted the lyrics to Stay Bullet on his website in 1999, before he and a classmate went on a killing spree in their school.

The student legally owned the weapon he used, obtaining the necessary licence, costing just €32, three weeks ago. Finland currently has the highest murder rate in Western Europe.

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