Noctua Shows Off 120 mm NF-S12A Case Fan

Noctua has updated its ultra silent NF-S12 lineup of fans with the new NF-S12A. This model comes 4 years after the second generation model and is finally considered to be a "worthy successor" to its NF-S12B and is 8 percent more efficient in an airflow to noise ratio.

The new fan carries a number of new features such as Noctua's renowned Anti-Stall knobs and a revised AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimization) frame. The frame also includes integrated anti-vibration pads and stepped inlet design along with the inner surface microstructures.

There are three variants of the NF-S12A, an FLX version with 1200/900/700 speed settings, adjustable with the low noise adapters, a ULN version with an ultra low 800/600 fan speed, also switchable with the low noise adapter, and a PWM version, which also comes with a low noise adapter to reduce the maximum speed from 1200 RPM to 900 RPM in PWM mode.

All three units come with Noctua's MTBF rating of 150,000 hours and a 6 year manufacturer warranty.

The fans are already for sale at a MSRP of $21.90.


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  • mikerockett
    Always good quality units from Noctua but why do they still insist on using those ungodly colours :/
  • Uther39
    Yeah there looks are like a bag of puke !
  • Pailin
    Feels strange to say it, but I think their colours are Slowly growing on me.

    I think I even like them for Noctua now lol

    I Know I like that 6 Year warranty though :)
    One of my Antec Tri speed whatever they are called fans now vibrates horribly on startup.
    Going to have to do that drill hole and add heavy oil to the shaft fix trick.
    (are various youtube vids showing how to do)