UK's Average Facebook Visit is Over 25 Minutes

Perhaps your visits to Facebook are as quick as lightening. You just pop on, check your notifications, and log back off. If that's the case, you're not the average UK Facebook user. A recent study conducted by Experian HitWise found that the average UK visit to Facebook lasted more than 25 minutes.

The global information services company recently looked at social networking across eight different countries, examining usage in the UK, Australia, Brazil, France, India, New Zealand, Singapore and US. The study found that while only 12.2% of the UK's total internet usage is directed towards sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (the lowest of all eight countries), our average visit to Facebook is rather long. Experian's study found that the average UK Facebook visit lasted 25 minutes and 33 seconds.

Surprisingly, we're not number one when it comes to lengthy Facebook sessions. Nope, Experian says that Singapore clinched the top spot with an average of 38 minutes, 46 seconds per visit. Second and third place were occupied by New Zealand (30:31) and Australia (26:27), respectively. The UK came in at number four, while France rounded out the top five with 21:53. Brazil was the lowest, with 18:19, while sixth and seventh place were taken by the United States (20:46) and India (20:21).

Though Brazil came in dead last for the length of its Facebook visits, the country came in first when it came to the percentage of internet usage or visits dedicated to social networking sites. Brazil checked in at 18.8%, Singapore at 16.4%, the U.S at 15.4%, France at 15.1%, India at 14%, New Zealand at 13.9%, Australia at 31.1% and the UK at 12.2%.