Epic Games Turns 20, Gives Away Retrospective Soundtrack

Epic Games, the company behind the Unreal engine and fine titles such as the Unreal Tournament series, the Gears of War series, and Infinity Blade, just celebrated its 20th birthday.

To celebrate two decades of existence, the company's released a compilation of different videogame tunes from its history. They've even included tracks from games as far back as Jazz Jackrabbit, Epic Pinball, and Jill of the Jungle. Here's a full tracklist:

1.       Unreleased Theme – Unreal Tournament 3

2.       Dan – Jill of the Jungle

3.       Main Theme – Unreal

4.       Armored Prayer – Gears of War 2

5.       Vault of Tears – Infinity Blade 2

6.       Space – Epic Pinball

7.       Main Menu – Unreal Tournament

8.       Menu Song – Jazz Jackrabbit

9.       They'll Be Coming For You Now – Infinity Blade

10.   Hope Runs Deep – Gears of War 2

11.   Main Theme – Tyrian

12.   Hyperblast Redux – Unreal Tournament 2004

13.   Hanover's Favorite Son – Gears of War 3

14.   Main Theme – Shadow Complex

15.   14 Years After E-Day – Gears of War

16.   Lockdown – Unreal Tournament 3

17.   Theme – Bulletstorm

18.   Pull back the Bass – Jazz Jackrabbit 2

19.   Transistor – Unreal Championship 2

20.   Finally a Tomorrow – Gears of War 3

**Bonus Track: Cole Train Rap – Gears of War

Yes, they included the Cole Train Rap as a bonus track. You can grab the entire list for free at the official Epic Games site … if you can get over the fact that the entire track list is broken down into single downloads.  

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  • contrasia
    Do you pay for these or are they free? Because I see more than a little Bias towards Gears of War here, and I don't think i'd pay for a compilation that contains mostly music I already have XD