Old Man EU Tells Consumers to Turn Down the Racket

According to an EU study, listening to your MP3 player too loud is bad for your hearing. In other news, the Pope wears a big hat.

EU Scientists from the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) say that between five and ten percent of those who listen to their MP3 players on max volume for more than an hour each day for five years, risk permanently damaging their hearing.

The report put the growing number of people exposing themselves to dangerous levels of noise when listening to their MP3 player as down due to improved sound quality with in-ear headphones. According to the SCENIHR, between five and 10 per cent of listeners (amounting to 2.5 to 10 million people across Europe), could be at risk of permanent damage or loss of hearing.

This isn’t really news. Almost everyone has seen the warning in your MP3 player manual or on the headphone packaging that says using the earphones at maximum volume could damage your hearing. The International Herald Tribune reports that Meglena Kuneva, the EU consumer affairs commissioner, plans to announce plans Monday for a conference in Brussels in 2009 to evaluate the findings with national governments as well as representatives of industry and consumers.

EU spokeswoman Helen Kearns said regulators would look next year at lowering the EU legal limit of 100 decibels for MP3 players.

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  • mi1ez
    My goodness. Thank you EU, glad to see our money's being well spent.
  • Anonymous

    Are you criticizing them for trying to educate ppl about the dangers?

    If so, you are probably also one of those who ignore warnings (and more alarmingly - common sense) and then be the first one to cry foul and sue when you go deaf?