EMCORE to acquire telecom portion of Intel's Optical Platform Division

Santa Clara (CA) and Albuquerque (NM) - EMCORE Corporation and Intel Corporation announced today that EMCORE will acquire the telecom-related assets of Intel’s Optical Platform Division. The purchase price will be $85 million, and will include all intellectual property, assets and technology which specifically relate to the following : tunable lasers, tunable transponders, 300-pin transponders and integrable tunable laser assemblies. The transaction must still be finalized, and if all goes smoothly the deal will close in Q1 2008.

EMCORE already has a strong presence in the telecommunications market segments, including a fiber optics product portfolio which spans the semiconductor-based broadband, satellite and solar power markets. EMCORE is planning to expand their presence and drive down costs via this acquistion. EMCORE’s CEO, Reuben Richards, seemed particularly excited about Intel’s tunable laser technology. He said, "We are excited about this acquisition and the opportunity to continue building upon Intel’s leading tunable laser technology, strong product quality and history of customer service and satisfaction..."

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EMCORE operates primarily in two distinct product market segments, fiber optics and photvoltaics. Their fiber optics presence allows for video transmission, high-speed voice and data, cable television and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network technologies. Their photovoltaics division is designed for both terrestrial and satellite solar products, including a GaAs (gallium arsenide) solar cell technology, interconnect technologies, and fully integrated solar panels.

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