EK Releases Full Nickel/Copper Supremacy Clean CPU Blocks

Earlier, we informed you that EK had released a lineup of Supremacy CPU blocks that didn't have the circle design, and that it was called the Supremacy Clean CSQ. At first, these blocks came out in only four versions: two with copper bases, and two with nickel coated bases, of which two had a plexiglass cover and two an Acetal cover.

In the meantime, EK Water Blocks has been working on two full-metal versions. It has now released Supremacy CPU water blocks that are part of the Clean CSQ that are either fully made of nickel or fully made of copper. The original Supremacy CPU blocks, as well as the earlier Clean CSQ CPU blocks, will still be manufactured. Performance should also be identical to older Supremacy CPU blocks.

The Nickel coated EK Supremacy Clean CPU block will have an MSRP of $114.02, with no word on the pricing of the copper version. Usually though, the copper version is a little cheaper than the nickel-coated version.

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