EK Releases New Look for Supremacy CPU Blocks

EK has released a new version of its Supremacy CPU blocks. While the block itself features no changes over the previous Supremacy CPU block, the aesthetics have changed.

Previously, all of the EK-Supremacy CPU blocks had a top cover design that was produced with a circle pattern, which many buyers liked, but there was also a group of enthusiasts who didn't like the design and would have preferred a simpler design. Consequently, EKWB has released a new CSQ among the Supremacy lineup of CPU blocks. This new CSQ carries four different versions. There is a model with a plexiglass top and a nickel base, a model with a plexiglass top and a copper base, a model with an Acetal top and a copper base, and another with an Acetal top and a nickel base.

The current Supremacy water blocks with the circle pattern will remain in production as this cleaner CSQ is not meant to replace it. Those who already own a Supremacy water block but want a model with the new, cleaner look but don't want to buy a full new block, you're in luck. The top cover is also for sale with an MSRP of just €14.95.

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