EK Renames Its 'Dominator' to 'Monarch'

In order to comply with RAM manufacturer Crucial’s intellectual property rights, EK-RAM will be renaming all of its “EK-RAM Dominator” products to “EK-RAM Monarch.”

This change will have no impact on EAN codes and has already been reflected on the company’s website and other publications.

The full list of product name changes is outlined in the table below.

Old Name

New Name

EK-RAM Dominator Module – Black (2 pcs)

EK-RAM Monarch Module – Black (2 pcs)

EK-RAM Dominator X2

EK-RAM Monarch X2

EK-RAM Dominator X2 – Acetal

EK-RAM Monarch X2 – Acetal

EK-RAM Dominator X2 – Nickel

EK-RAM Monarch X2 – Nickel

EK-RAM Dominator X2 – Acetal & Nickel

EK-RAM Monarch X2 – Acetal & Nickel

EK-RAM Dominator X4 – CSQ

EK-RAM Monarch X4 – CSQ

EK-RAM Dominator X4 – Acetal CSQ

EK-RAM Monarch X4 – Acetal CSQ

EK-RAM Dominator X4 – Nickel CSQ

EK-RAM Monarch X4 – Nickel CSQ

EK-RAM Dominator X4 – Acetal & Nickel CSQ

EK-RAM Monarch X4 – Acetal & Nickel CSQ

EK-RAM Dominator

EK-RAM Monarch X6

EK-RAM Dominator – Acetal

EK-RAM Monarch X6 – Acetal

EK-RAM Dominator – EN (Nickel)

EK-RAM Monarch X6 – EN (Nickel)

EK-RAM Dominator – Acetal & EN (Nickel)

EK-RAM Monarch X6 – Acetal & EN (Nickel)

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  • LePhuronn
    So what about Corsair Dominator? I've never even heard of Crucial Dominator. Ballistix yes, but not Dominator.

    Could it be there's a wee error in the article?