ECS Explains Durathon Motherboard Building Technique

ECS, otherwise known as Elitegroup Computer Systems, is announcing that it will build a number of motherboards based on its Durathon construction methods. "Durathon" is a word created by combining the words Durable and Marathon. The aim of the Durathon motherboards is to tackle the competition and give ECS a stronger position in the market.

Some of the techniques that ECS will use to create its Durathon motherboards include Triple Density PCB building, the use of extreme temperature resistant components, superior solid capacitors and a 1.5K Marathon Test.

The Triple Layer Density PCB is a bi-directional weave design with splitting glass fabric. This should reduce the air permeability and reduce vapor damage. The capacitors that ECS boasts about are "Superior Solid Capacitors." It mentions that the capacitors of the competition have a lifetime of only 32,000 hours, while its own have a lifetime of up to 200,000 hours. It also boasts that the components used can withstand temperatures up to 100˚C as opposed to 65˚C from the competition.

Now all of this actually sounds quite familiar. We've seen manufacturers such as Gigabyte, Asus, and MSI with their Ultradurable, Xtreme Design, and Military Class designs, respectively.

The only part that does impress us is the so called 1.5K Marathon test, which tests each board at 1,507 test points to ensure that before the motherboard leaves the factory, it is well-baked.

So far there has been no word about when Elitegroup Computer Systems will be releasing the motherboards, but there will be a Facebook event starting April 15, 2013 regarding the developments.

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