Gearbox Wants To Honor Old DNF Pre-Orders

Riding the wave of Duke Nukem's reinvigorated stardom, Gearbox software bossman Randy Pitchford is now claiming to be working with retailers to honor the Duke Nukem Forever pre-orders taken over the last decade. He said during Thursday's London press event that he didn't want to let those gamers down.

"There are a lot of people who pre-ordered the game," Pitchford told the press. "We’ve been starting to talk with retailers because we didn’t take them directly, and 3D Realms didn’t take them, it was all retailers going 'I'm going to take this guy’s money.' We’ve started to engage them, saying 'Hey, you’ve got customers who you made a promise to, and any bad feeling they have will reflect on us, so can we work together to do something for those people?'"

He openly admitted that something needed to be done, but had no idea what that something would be.

For gamers like Slash000--who pre-ordered the game back in 2001--that could mean some kind of compensation for previously shelling out $10. But that would also mean gamers need proof of the purchase by digging out the original receipt. For many that's not going to happen, throwing receipts away believing that Duke Nukem Forever had gone vaporware. But for the very "patient, patient" Duke Nukem fans, that could be as simple as digging through wallets.

Duke Nukem Forever is slated to hit the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2011.

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