YouTuber posts fake trailer for Duke Nukem Forever, YouTubers unite against poster

In all of the April fool’s Day fun someone has gone and messed with one of the sacred cows in the games industry. Don’t ever try and create a hoax trailer for Duke Nukem (It’ll Take) Forever.

We might have actually believed it if the developers hadn’t come out yesterday and said there would be nothing Duke Nukem Forever related being announced tomorrow (or ever ?). This was, we presume, just to curb the amount of April Fool’s pranks they were no doubt anticipating.

Another fault with the video is the author’s less than perfect editing skills. All the chopping and changing from Duke Nukem 3D scenes couldn’t have been done worse if he’d actually tried.

We’re not going to embed the video because the only thing funnier (or more horrifying ?) than the video itself, is the amount of abuse OpTimus289 is recieving from his fellow YouTubers. Racy is not the word for the threats . . .

We’ll give you the link though...

Click here to view OpTimus289’s "trailer" for Duke Nukem Forever.

Be sure to read the comment that begins, “Lissen U, some ppl R actually long tyme fans of DNF nd it WILL be releasd. You’re mother is . . .” and there we’ll stop because it gets a bit graphic for our delicate ears . . .

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