UK to Get Intel-powered Motorola Droid M

This has been a big week in the mobile industry. Amazon updated its entire Kindle line, and the day before, Nokia announced two new Lumia phones. On the same day, at an event in New York, Motorola unveiled the Droid Razr M. Packing a a 4.3-inch qHD 960x540 Super AMOLED display, a 1.5GHz, dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and a microSD card. However, it seems when the phone launches in the UK, it won't have a dual-core Qualcomm at all. Instead, it's going to have an Intel chip.

Pocket-Lint reports that when asked, a spokesperson said that while the Droid M would be coming to the UK, it wouldn't be exactly the same phone. "The form factor will stay the same," Pocket-Lint was told, with a spokesperson saying the phone would switch out the Qualcomm for an Intel processor. It also won't be called the Droid Razr M.

Motorola didn't say why the phone will have a different CPU, but Motorola UK is launching a new Intel-powered device on September 18, which is likely the UK-version of the Droid M. Stay tuned!

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  • ojas
    Interesting. Tom's, please do benchmark it. It'll be the first ICS + Medfield phone.

    I wonder if that means the Xolo X900 and the Orange San Diego will get ICS around that time too?
  • math1337
    The CPU wars between ARM and Intel are about to get intense. I find it odd that just UK gets this phone, and they don't get the normal version. It would be much more exciting to see them go directly at each other.
  • fudoka711
    otacon72More competition is always a good thing. Unfortunate we have less now in the US since AMD can't keep up with intel.

    I totally agree. Have an old AMD 64 processor that rocked when it came out...and now AMD really doesn't have anything that can compete with Intel at almost all price points (namely quad-core i5's).

    I'm really looking forward to see Intel duke it out with ARM, that should translate into better phones/tablets for all of us.