Dell Reveals the UltraSharp 32-inch Ultra HD Monitor

Dell’s upcoming UltraSharp 32-inch monitor made an appearance at SIGGRAPH 2013. It features a 32-inch IGZO panel that provides 1.07 billion colors and an Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160. The monitor features a new aluminum stand with the same height adjustment, pivot and swiveling features as the Ultrasharp U2412M, and houses a built-in USB hub and SD card reader along its left side.

Though Dell has yet to reveal further information on the IGZO panel, Engadget has noted it features a matte finish with “tweaks to reduce any grainy images that may creep in” and that they can “confirm the image quality – especially when it comes to handling rich blacks."

The Ultrasharp 32 Ultra HD monitor is expected to be released in Q4 2013. Dell has not yet provided further information on its technical specifications, pricing or availability.


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  • vmem
    with a Q4 release, pricing will be interesting. Sharp's 4k panel is already below $4k, by Q4 I'd say it'd be worth around $3k. for Dell, they'd obviously want to sell this above other models, so at least $2k, but I'm not sure how much above. maybe $3k or so? as long as it's below $3k I think it'll be a strong contender and an indication of 4k resolution starting to go mainstream.
  • KING_85
    Definitely looking forward to more information on this product. I think it's safe to say that it'll ring in over 2 grand as a 1600p is around $1400 at dell. Imagine the graphic card(s) you'll need to have to play games at the native resolution. Wish I had held off on purchasing their 1440p, but then again I don't think i'll be dropping 2-3 grand on a monitor anytime soon.
  • Giovanni-L
    The number of people who will actually buy it is rather small. For casual gamers, the 1440x800 should still be plenty. For "light-hardcore" gamers, who play when they get back from work just for some distraction but still like pretty graphics and high fps, 1080p is pretty much the best still. "True hardcore" gamers also don't need much more. If they REALLY wanna crank it up the next notch, people usually buy 3 narrow-bezeled monitors and go triple headed. 4k monitors are just gimmicky and dream-oriented for MOST people. Not even small and medium-sized professional won't buy it. People with that kind of money to spare today are somewhat rare. The relevance of that is put in question by me.